Standby Props-

'Ain't it Different' - Headie ft Stormzy & AJ Tracey Music Promo, CompulsoryJuly 2020


Production Designer-

'Many Things' - Odina Music Promo

Director: Tara Laure Claire, July 2020

Art Dept Assistant-

Cotswolds, Friend London

PD: Liz El Kadhi, March 2020

Art Director-

'Roberts Bakery', Dark Energy

Films. PD: Johnny Savage, March 2020

Standby Props-

'APRE' Promo, Pavillion Works.

PD: Liz El Kadhi, February 2020

Standby Props-

'Mabes'- Promo.

PD: Wyndham Harris, January 2020

Art Dept Assistant-

Starling Bank 'Off the Ground',


PD: Olly Williams, January 2020

Production Designer-

'First Past the Post' - Plan B Music Promo, December 2019

Director: Blok

Art Dept Assistant-

'Tangle Teaser' Sticker Studios.

PD: Johnny Savage, December 2019

Art Dept Assistant-

'Qweens' Speech' Acne.

PD: Liz El Kadhi, December 2019

Art Director- 

Wimbledon Identity Film,

Chrome Productions. 

PD: Aurélie Taillefer, October 2019

Standby props-

Razzle Fashion Campaign, Shiny Projects.

PD: Gillian O'Brien, October 2019

Art Director- 

BP 'Unbreakable', PSONA Films.

PD: Aurélie Taillefer, September 2019


Art Dept Assistant-

'Just Eat', Independent ltd.

PD: Sarah Jenneson, September 2019

Art Dept Assistant-

'Lidl Christmas 2019', Academy.

PD: Olly Williams, September 2019


Art Dept Assistant-

'Libres' Feature Film, Poisson

Rouge Pictures (British Unit).

PD: Aurélie Taillefer, August 2019

Standby Props-

'Listen' Feature film, Ouveme ltd. 

PD: Belle Mundi, July 2019


Standy Props-

Travel Republic 'Wokeation', Agile Films.

PD: Liz El Kadhi, July 2019


Standby Props-

H&M Christmas ad, Nice Shirt Films.

PD: Jacqueline Abrahams, June 2019

Set builder/Dresser-

Adidas x The face Paris fashion week event.

PD: Aurélie Taillefer, June 2019

Props Assistant-

The Novelist- 'No weapons', Short.

PD: Johnny Savage, June 2019

Props Assistant-

Project Oxford ad, Independent

ltd. PD: Richard, Bridgeland, June 2019

Art Dept Assistant-

OAMC Fashion campaign.

PD: Andrea Cellerino, July 2019

Art Dept Assistant-

HGTV promo, Thieves kitchen.

PD: Antonia Gibbs, June 2019

Standby Props-

'Topping Out'- Short Film, Essential Cinema ltd.

PD:  Nick Ellis, May 2019

Standby Props-

Anna of the North, 'Thank me later'

Rattling Stick, May 2019

Art Dept Assistant-  

Uber Eats 'love Island' Biscuit.

PD: Marie Lana, May 2019

Art Dept Assistant-

Ferrero Rocher 'Savour the moment' Bravespark.

PD: Aurélie Taillefer, April 2019

Art Director-

4 of Diamonds 'Walk Away',

GreatCoat films. PD: Johnny Savage, April 2019

Art Dept Assistant-

Co Op 'Good Causes', MJZ.

PD: Andy Kelly, April 2019


Art Director-

'Sailor Jerry x French' ad, Tippl.

PD: Johnny Savage, April 2019

Art Dept Assistant-

'Cesar ad' Blink productions.

PD: Olly Williams, March 2019

Art Dept Assistant-

Cadbury Darkmilk, Academy Films.

PD: Andy Kelly, March 2019


Art Dept Assistant-

'Stop Thinking' Apple sponsored  Music promo, Pulse Films. PD: Aurélie Taillefer, March 2019


Art Dept Assistant-

Barclays ad, Somesuch.

PD: Marie Lana, March 2019 

Art Dept Assistant-

Rugby World cup ad campaign

PD: Izzy Parker, March 2019

Art Dept Assistant-

"Butchers ad" Somesuch

PD: Aurélie Taillefer, March 2019

Standby Props-

'Chasing Chaplin' feature Documentary, Archers Mark

PD: Neil Alum, February 2019


Art Department assistant-

Garnier ad 2019, Knucklehead

PD: Drogo Michie, February 2019


‘Objectaphilia’ David Wilson Short Film

PD: Elliot Rooney, January 2019


Production Designer-

Swan Cage’ (Short Film)

January 2019

Standby Props-

Meridian Dan ‘Vegan Chat’ – Pretzel Films

PD: Johnny Savage, November 2018

Runner (Camera Team assistant)-

New Order Concert- Christie HQ, November 2018



Veuve Clicquot ‘Widow Series’ Event, November 2018

Runner (Crowd-Management)-

BBC ‘Celebrity Game Night’, October 2018

Runner (Crowd-Management)-

BBC “The Apprentice: You’re Fired”,

October & November 2018


Art Dept Assistant-

Keeva 'Kindest thing' Music Video.

PD: Craig Boath, October 2018


Office Runner-

Rattling Stick, October November 2018

Art Dept Assistant-

“Error in Terror” Anti-Terror campaign

PD: Sheheryar Ahmed, October 2018



Kevin Hart Irresponsible Tour

Tiger Aspect, September 2018


Art Dept Assistant-

V Atlantic/Delta Joint venture.

PD: Kajsa Soderlund, July 2018


In-house Runner-

Rattling Stick, June 2018



PSP Investment in-house video

Kode Media, May 2018


Internship (2 weeks)-

Kode Media, April 2018


Art Dept Assistant-

Isaac Gracie ‘Running on empty’

PD: Jess ElcocK, April 2018


Internship (1week)-

Rattling Stick, April 2018

Internship (1week)-12

Bullion Productions, March 2018


Runner (2 days)-

Kissing Candice- Feature Film

PD: Andy Kelly, August 2016


Assistant Art Director- 

The Wild Wolf (Short Film)

PD: Simon Baxter, September 2015


Standby Props- 

“Time and Again” (Short Film)

PD: Simon Baxter, August 2015


Art Dept Assistant-

John Lewis Insurance (Tiny Dancer)

PD: Andy Kelly, July 2015


Production Designer-

What’s next Films ‘Braxton’ Feature film

June -December 2014


Assistant Art Director-

Punched Canvas productions ‘Pretty Beasts’ Short Film

PD: Megan McCrea, April 2014

Trainee Art Dept Assistant-

Stirling Film and Television Productions ltd “Farr” RTE Web series

PD: Stephen Mullan, October 2014


Art Dept Assistant-

Blink productions John Lewis “Sam & Monty” Christmas advert

PD: Andy Kelly, July 2014

Half Irish. (North Part).


Half Belgian. (French



Loves weird project ideas.


Has a stupid tattoo of a chair on his arm.